About Me

David G Smith

 I grew up in Marshalltown Iowa, and currently living in Dallas Texas for over 20 years now. I earned my Bachelors degree in Business at University of Texas at Dallas.  Working in the Airline Industry for 20+ years.  I'm a continuing student of Art and view art as a hobby, but a very important hobby to me.

My work is very eclectic in all senses ...multiple media, multiple subjects and a range of techniques used to convey my vision and enhance the viewers response to my art.
Motivation for me is absolutely obtained from my last piece and I’m always looking for new discovery. Right now I'm searching for a way to unify my diversity of work. I'm still evolving and I'm happy with the journey and freedom.

Aside from art my passion is travel and photography which helps tremendously when seeking inspiration. I enjoy experiencing different cultures, people, architecture, natural landscapes. I'm an observer.

This website is meant to show my work over time.   My progress and diversions.

Thank you for visiting my website.